Saturday, October 15, 2011

My First Sisters on the Fly trip

In August, I ventured out on my first Sisters on the Fly trip.  With camper in tow, I began my trip toward Tennessee.  As I was going through Colfax, NC, I remembered that there was a Camping World.  A brief 15 minute stop left me with some cool new lantern lights and a couple of chocks.  Off I headed eventually driving through Boone, NC.  I was so excited, as this was my first time in that area.  I stopped at the local Earthfare for some wine and goodies for the evening affairs.  I arrived at the Lake view RV resort about an hour and a half later.  I checked in, met some of the "sisters" and then headed to my site.  It only took me two attempts to back her up and then I was ready to start decorating.  I secured the camper with chocks, plugged in to the outlet, put up the canopy, and then began the fun part...the glamping part...accessorizing.  I put my new lights up, covered the tables with my cherry and polk a dot tablecloths, and got my Keuring set up for the next mornings coffee.  From time to time, I glanced around to look for other vintage trailers.  You see, I had never met any of these ladies, so I didn't know who or what to look for.  Finally, another camper came whizzing by, who's owner I got to know well.  Peggy Richmond began to back up and then back up and then back up again, until finally she got it just right.  As I continued to set up my spot, I would periodically look over to see how she was doing.  At one point, I noticed that she was walking over toward my site, so I dropped what I was doing and offered my help and introductions.  We talked for quite a while.  I was so happy to finally talk to someone and find out what my new venture was all about. 
The group was scheduled to meet under the pavilion at 6pm.  With sides in hand, I left to meet my new "sisters".  I was still not sure about this group and I began to realize that I was the youngest one.  All negative thoughts aside, I started to introduce myself and listen as other sisters talked about themselves.  These ladies had a wealth of knowledge and life experience.  I was so glad that I had decided to add this opportunity to my life experiences.
The next morning we went on a pontoon ride around the lake.  The views were stunning.  Later, I left with some sisters to do some shopping in a local town.  That night was the big potluck around the bonfire.  WOW, the food was amazing.  They shop, they cook, the enjoy some adult beverages...I am in.  As the weekend unfolded with more shopping, a flea market, wineries, and more good food, I began to realize how fortunate I was to be able to do these things in my life.
I look forward to my next sisters event in week! :)

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